Extra-Life Marathon #2 – Recap

My 2nd video gaming marathon for Extra-Life this year, while successful, unfortunately had a few hiccups along the way.  The marathon was on Saturday, June 8th, and lasted 18 hours (from 11AM until 5AM Sunday morning).

My original goal for the marathon was to play Rock Band the entire time.  I borrowed a guitar and the game from a friend at work and practiced a bit the week leading up to the marathon to get used to playing the guitar again.  I played Rock Band 2 the entire time, and managed to play for 8 hours and 20 minutes before I finally had to call it quits.  Friends at work thought I would have a problem with my left hand (the ones on the keys) getting “claw hand”, but they were wrong!  My left hand was fine, it was my right wrist that was killing me from strumming, and I just couldn’t go on any longer.  During my dinner break a little before, I couldn’t even cut my food because my wrist hurt so bad trying to cut up dinner.

After my last Rock Band set, I moved over to the PC and finished out the remainder of the 18 hours on PC, playing a variety of games including: The Walking Dead; Payday; Serious Sam; Poker Night at the Inventory; and others.  The last hour was definitely difficult and I found myself wanting to doze off quite frequently during that time, but I pushed through.

I did have a few new people join my stream and hang out with me, and even received an anonymous $25 donation, so I was happy I raised a little more for Children’s Miracle Network with this marathon, it definitely felt good, especially given the technical problems I was having.  Several hours into the marathon, I started having internet problems and had issues of dropping frames, both from Xbox and from PC.  I played offline for a bit (no streaming) in hopes of my internet improving, but it didn’t get any better unfortunately.  It took some fiddling with the bitrate, resolution, and the Twitch server I was hitting, but I made things work good enough to at least finish out the evening.  Thankfully, I’ve since then had Comcast come out and fix things up, so my streaming has improved and shouldn’t be a problem anymore!

I’ve also been thinking about what I want to do for the final two marathons this year, and I have an idea for the final one (the 25 hours marathon on November 2nd) which I will post in more detail this weekend, but it’s covered on the Gaming Schedule page and I’ll post about it in a little more detail soon.

Thanks again everyone for the support that has been given so far, and I’m sure we can do more this year yet too!


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