Donate to Charity – Pick What I Play!

extralife small logo As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve decided on how to structure the games for my final marathon on November 2nd.  As with the previous ones, I’ll be streaming the entire time on Twitch ( so you can pop in and watch at any time during the marathon.  However, this time, instead of me picking the games, I want you to pick the games.

I’ve created a rough schedule here ( which details out the 25 hours of the marathon, giving myself 2 hours spaced out for meals and bathroom breaks.  You can help pick what I play based on donations made to the charity through my link here (  All funds still go directly to the charity, but along with that donation, you can tell me what to play based on the following rules I’ve created:

  • $10 donation – Pick a game off my list* ( and I will play it for an hour of my choosing
  • $25 donation – Pick a game off my list* and tell me what time slot of the marathon you want me to play it
  • $50+ donation – Every $25 increment gets you an additional hour you dictate what I play (IE: $75 gives you 3 – 1 hour slots)

Games that are not on my list (IE: I don’t own them) are still valid if you donate or lend the game to me.  That means you can buy a cheap, awful game and make me play it!  Some ideas that I have heard tossed around already are:

The one exception for picking games is that I won’t play Kinect based games due to a medical condition I have which would make it dangerous for me to play them and could cause me to injure myself.  Other than that, you can tell me what to play!

I’ve also decided that for any donations received before my 3rd marathon on July 27th (from 7AM to 11PM Central time), you get to pick a time slot in both marathons for the same donation (IE: $25 donation gives you a time slot in both the July 27th and November 2nd marathons)!

So make a donation, help children in need, and get a good laugh at making me play a game of your choice!

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment here or on Twitter (@Cecilkilmer)!



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