Games are rolling in!

And not just because it’s the Steam summer sale. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought a decent amount this summer sale (I’m up to 24 new games I’ve bought), but I’ve also started getting games to play for the upcoming charity marathons.

Kcowolf has the pleasure (probably a twisted one) of being the first person to decide what games I’m playing during my marathons. He has chosen the his 2 hour period for the upcoming marathon on July 27th, and here is what he gave me to play:
BK Games


That’s right, playing Sneak King for 13 hours during my first marathon back in April wasn’t enough, now I’ll be playing the other 2 “classic” titles from Burger King, Pocketbike Racer, and Big Bumpin’ (with a copy of Sneak King thrown in to keep, since I borrowed the last one).  He’s graciously picked the 2 hours immediately following lunch, so I don’t get a craving for Burger King just before lunch.

I’ve also received 2 games gifted on Steam for me to play which have been added to my inventory because they’ve been on sale, and I expect the charity donation and requests for when to play them will follow shortly. 🙂  Those games are Surgeon Simulator 2013, and Secret of the Magic Crystal, a game about magical ponies.

Just over 1 week left until my 16 hour marathon, and all donations before then get to pick a game for both marathons!


2 comments on “Games are rolling in!

  1. I love the idea of gaming for charity. I noticed you mentioned that you can’t use a Kinect due to an injury. Have you considered using games to help you heal? I used some games to help me recover from an Achilles injury and also have heard great things about Super Better.

    • I think using games to help heal is an awesome idea. In this particular case, I can (and do) play some Kinect games in short doses. However, in a charity marathon lasting 26 hours, with 1 hour blocks, it wouldn’t be safe for me to play Kinect (I can usually only play for 20-30 minutes at a time, and I have to be well rested).

      My injury is due to back problems I’ve had that caused me to sustain some nerve damage and I have foot drop in one of my feet. The biggest problem this causes is that I trip over my foot. If I’m well rested, I can pay more attention and be more careful, but trying to do Kinect games in a long marathon is asking for an injury in this case. 🙂

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