Extra Life Marathon #3 Recap

Sorry for the delay in posting this recap, things have been rather busy lately, which I’ll get into in a bit. 🙂  The 3rd marathon for Extra Life went off without a hitch, and I had no problems streaming for the full 16 hours (unlike the 2nd marathon where I had a poor internet connection that kept dropping frames).

For this marathon, I had people pick what I was playing, and I think I did a fairly good job of keeping to the schedule.  For the most part, I was ending games on time or within a couple of minutes of when I was scheduled to switch to the next game.  The best game by far was Senchou’s pick of Frog Fractions, and you can watch the recap of that hour here on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/cecilkilmer/c/2659022.  It is a hilarious flash based game that had me laughing the entire time.  Overall I think the structure of having people pick for donations worked fairly well, and I’m excited to see what people come up with for next time.

I will admit I am a little concerned about my final marathon as it is going to be tough to make it all 26.2 hours, those morning hours are going to be rough for sure.  I definitely need to find some fast, fun, upbeat games to play during that time to keep me awake and going.  I am looking forward to the final marathon though and think it will be a good time, I just hope I can make it that long. 🙂

As for why I’ve been delayed in getting this posted, I participated in Season 2 of TerraFirmaCrack, a PVP Minecraft event using the TerraFirmaCraft mod, done in cooperation with the MindCrack group.  It was a 2 week long event that concluded this past Saturday, August 3rd.  Most everyone involved recorded the event throughout the 2 weeks and has been posting video to YouTube.  My videos can be found on my channel (and I’ve made a playlist for them as well: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg9liYaHCwi2X1g7DoAPMRASvWW60L3Ei).


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