The Great Adventure, Part 2

My first week at Microsoft has come to a close, and it’s been a busy last week.  I started off last weekend, where after moving into my temporary housing on Friday, I went out house hunting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  On both Saturday and Sunday, I found a home that we wanted to make an offer on (both new construction) and worked on putting in an offer, only to find out we were beaten out by 8 hours in one case, and what we assume is about 10 minutes in another case (did I mention the housing market up here is crazy?).

Monday at Microsoft was new employee orientation, meeting the team I’m on, and getting my office set up.  In my previous jobs, the company was definitely small in comparison.  It’s been interesting slowly having my access percolate around to the various systems throughout the week (I think I finally have access to almost everything as of today).  Despite doing a lot of training this week, it’s definitely been a good week, and I’m definitely looking forward to diving in and dig into some real development work.  My wife asked me earlier this week if it’s weird having an Xbox One on my desk at work, to which my answer is: “No, it’s kind of awesome!”

As I drove home from work today, I realized this week has been a different week for me for another reason, too.  As my previous coworkers can attest, I am a creature of habit, specifically when it comes to lunch.  At my last job, Monday and Thursday were Chipotle days (yes, I had Chipotle twice a week, every week, for probably a good 9+ months, what can I say, it’s delicious), and the rest of the week was just the on site cafe.  That’s a stark contrast to this week at Microsoft, where I haven’t had Chipotle at all, and instead, this week I’ve had:

  • A philly cheese steak sandwich
  • Fresh fried chicken strips from a food truck
  • BBQ pulled pork sandwich
  • Pad Thai
  • Chicken Tikki Rice Bowl, with curry, pickled onions, fried egg, etc

It might help by saying I’ve only had Indian 3 or 4 times previous to this week in my life, but it smelled good today, so I said “Why not?”.  I’m not going to start doing Indian food every week like I did Chipotle, but I may have to start doing it a bit more often, it was pretty good (in fact, all of it was pretty good).

From a gaming perspective, I’ve hit my next milestone, with today being day 575 of my achievement streak.  I think it will continue for at least another week, but I definitely find myself feeling more and more ok with letting my streak lapse, and playing for fun.  I’ve been playing a decent amount of the original Borderlands on Xbox 360, almost complete with the first main area.  I’ve been enjoying it and will continue to make progress over the next week or so, hopefully getting through at least a good portion of the 2nd area.

By Cecil

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